Tibetan Quartz

Tibetan Quartz resonates as a "peaceful warrior" while emanating a very powerful "OM" vibration. Great meditation tool. Energetically has the feel of an old, trusted friend guiding and protecting while you journey within to clear past traumas. Tibetan Quartz will give you that extra burst of courage to move forward as well as radiating a peaceful sense of happiness and joy one often feels when near or watching His Holiness The Dalai Lama. A portion of all Tibetan Quartz sales goes back to help several organizations which are working for the goal of freedom and Human Rights for the Tibetan People. FREE TIBET - OM MA TRI MU YE SA LE DU

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Tibetan Frosted

Tibetan Frosted

With a frosted coating, this Tibetan Quartz beauty is ready to help you on your journey to healing.  It is a Barnacle crystal (has many small...

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